Autologous Biologics

Platelet-rich plasma and bone marrow aspirate concentrate

Autologous biologics, such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMA or BMC), are (self) cell-based therapy options. PRP and BMA/BMC are often used in orthopedics, sports medicine, and for spinal conditions. Biological effectiveness of PRP and BMA/BMC can be dependent on patient demographic, condition and severity.

Over the last 20 years PRP therapies and protocols have evolved. In the rapid developing field of regenerative medicine, many promising products, applications, and protocols are quickly emerging. With the cutting edge advancements, it can be difficult at times to differentiate between some of the therapies and products. PRP, membrane allografts and BMA/BMC are some of the very promising therapies that are being used more frequently and gaining more widespread acceptance. With this being said, it is very important to understand what each is and what their respective roles are in the regenerative process.

PRP is obtained by taking the patient’s own blood and spinning it down to concentrate the platelet portion of their blood while discarding the rest. Platelets play a vital role in the healing process. This concentrate is then injected into areas of acute injury, and the various factors they secrete aid in the healing process.

Both PRP and regenerative products, such as amniotic membrane injectables, show great promise and are likely going to be used for years to come, however they are different therapies and should be used appropriately as such. Can you imagine the effectiveness of a full court press with only 3 out of 5 players compared to your opponents 5? You might be able to get the job done with 3 players (PRP analogy) but if you had 5 on 5, you might have more effectiveness (membrane allograft or BMA/BMC to supplement and complete the team) to help bring home the win! It’s a case-by-case basis, and our medical team can help you with that decision.

Autologous biologics, such as PRP and BMC, have become important autologous biological therapeutics in health care strategies for enhanced tissue repair, regenerative processes, and immunomodulation [1], [2]. Within orthobiology, biological therapies utilizing autologous PRP and BMC frequently include the following clinical problem: osteoarthritis (OA), tendon repair, focal chondral lesions, and soft tissue (meniscus, ligaments) repair [3].

Come find out what might be the best option for you. We are passionate about spending time with our patients and truly understanding what the best fit is for you.


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