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Direct Biologics is a market leading innovator and science based biologics manufacturer of regenerative medical products including a robust line of biologic products and exosome therapies. Direct Biologics was created to expand the science of cutting edge biologic technologies.

Exosomes are known to stimulate bioactivity and direct cellular communication. In topical applications, ExoFlo can help in the repair and reconstruction of tissue.


Direct Biologics was created to expand the science of cutting edge biologic technologies through research and commercialization of medical devices and the naturally occurring proteins from allograft tissues compliant with FDA standards for 361 HCT/P products.


Direct Biologics is committed to quality and patient safety. Our manufacturing facility is an FDA registered CGMP facility that is compliant with the highest standards.


The extensive intellectual property surrounding proprietary methods for obtaining concentrated growth factors and exosomes from human mesenchymal stem cells and their utility have made Direct Biologics a leader in therapeutic innovation around this ground breaking new technology.


Exosomes are…

micro-vesicles (30-150nm) that are involved in cell communication. This is a new frontier in regenerative medicine. These exosomes have been recently discovered to be involved in direct cell signaling. The ExoFlo exosomes are isolated from donated human mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and purified using proprietary processing. The unique benefit to these exosomes is that they are stem cell-derived and bring a wide array of growth factors to stimulate and modulate many processes within the healing cascade.

Exosomes are not cells but are micro-vesicles, which are about 1/1,000th the size of a cell and contain no nucleus or DNA. They can be regarded as the purest form of cellular therapy available, because their function is to direct tissue and wound healing by activating the patient’s own regenerative cell response. This is one of the latest generations of naturally bioactive stem cell-based products for patient treatment.

Stem cells and stem cell therapy work by paracrine signaling (local cell-to-cell communication to induce changes in nearby cells) to create the appropriate healing environment to restore tissue. The exosomes in ExoFlo are those paracrine signals isolated from stem cells that can be delivered without the need for delivering stem cells. As the technology and discovery of new methods of treating patients has evolved, the science shows that the optimal way to provide true “stem cell therapy” is to directly provide the signals as its own therapy and avoid potential issues with delivering and keeping transplanted cells alive.

Stem cells by nature work to heal, repair, and restore the body. But, in some cases where there is a chronic abnormality, these cells fall into an inflammatory state, work in an unregulated capacity and inhibit healing. The 1000+ growth factor proteins found to naturally occur in healthy tissue and in ExoFlo have shown to help modulate the inflammatory healing process. This is accomplished by activating and recruiting the patients’ own cells to the area, revascularizing the area and reducing the inflammatory response to allow natural healing.


Direct Biologics is an innovative technology company focused on developing and providing regenerative biologic products for the medical market.

Exosome Therapies

Direct Biologics’ ExoFlo are complex naturally occurring allograft extracellular vesicles, commonly called exosomes. These extracellular vesicles carry mRNA, miRNA a myriad of cytokines or proteins that help modulate the inflammatory process of the local tissue.


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