As intravenous (IV) hydration and nutrition (often referred to as vitamin therapy or vitamin drips) become more and more popular, many wonder if it’s a good fit for them or a loved one. Have you been curious about vitamin therapy? Have you ever questioned whether vitamin drips could be beneficial to you? Let’s dive a little deeper and learn more about this type of therapy and if it’s a potential fit for you.   

First and foremost, let’s talk about what vitamin drips are. Vitamins and minerals can be delivered into your body via your veins. You may ask, why is this necessary and why is it so popular? The necessity is because this is the fastest, most efficient and effective way to delivery hydration and vitamins to your body. This type of delivery allows your body to absorb much more of what is being given to the body through this route of administration via your veins versus a traditional oral route. IV therapy has become trendy, but it not new. IV therapy has been around for a very long time because it’s effective!

The reason we started vitamin therapy here in Dripping Springs is because it didn’t exist in our community! Our goal is always to be market leaders and innovators who bring the best types of technology, natural solutions, and therapies to benefit our community. We brought vitamin therapy to Dripping not because it was trendy, but because IV and intramuscular (IM) routes of administration are the best delivery methods available! Your body will absorb and therefore benefit from these routes of administration much more than from taking a vitamin or supplement orally.

Finally, is it a fit for you? Pop into the clinic, speak with one of our medical team members and let’s determine if you could benefit from this type of therapy. Whether you have known deficiencies or symptoms, and are curious to understand if we can help, let’s get to the bottom of it! It’s just that easy. We look forward to diving in with you soon and educating you along your journey.

Breca Tracy, PhD
Director of Science & Operations
800 Hwy 290 W, Building F, Suite 200 Dripping Springs, TX 78620