Have you ever wondered what changes in the body as you age? More specifically, are you curious about the process and what you can do to help prevent the cascade of aging events?

If you dig deep and think about that previous biology class, you learned about NAD+ and ATP. You may not remember much about NAD+, but you probably remember ATP! ATP is what powers everything we do. The body’s usable energy is created in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

NAD+ is a critical player in the citric acid cycle for ATP energy production within most cells of the human body. It is a fundamental substrate needed for this energy generation process and has been shown by numerous studies to significantly decrease as we age. Consensus shows NAD+ levels decline significantly with aging, which can be attributed to a wide array of age-associated pathophysiologies. Additionally, many aging related enzymes, such as sirtuins, are dependent on NAD+, which regulates many longevity-associated processes such as metabolism, DNA repair, stress response, circadian rhythm, and much more.

So, what can we do to help you be preventive at REGENERATE….A LOT OF THINGS, but regarding your overall aging process, we can provide NAD+ supplementation through intravenous infusions (otherwise known as drip therapies). Whether your goal is neuro-degenerative applications, anti-aging or energy support, we have NAD+ therapies for you!

When NAD+ is administered through the vein (IV) your body has a greater chance of benefiting, meaning the body is much more capable of absorbing the IV infused NAD+ compared to oral administration.

At REGENERATE we are passionate about helping our community. Self-care isn’t selfish, ya’ll! If you don’t take care of yourself, how can you take care of others? For more information, please contact us! We would love to further educate you on what we offer here in Dripping Springs.

Breca Tracy, PhD
Director of Science & Operations

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